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15 Tips For Professionals- How To Write A PowerPoint Presentation

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Presenting is not only a part of your job but a great skill as a professional too. Before important meetings major company stakeholders do reach out to PowerPoint presentation services and ask for help.

Through an excellent presentation, the employees can communicate and show their ideas to the organization’s stakeholders. Your professional skills define your image just the way you get educated or gain experience.

Don’t think you will be able to give a presentation that is a class apart if you just spent time on the research or simply add attractive images. Several other aspects are there, too, on which you need to focus.

Let’s discuss 15 great tips to help professionals write a PowerPoint Presentation .

  1. Give an overview– Do not get into the presentation directly. Instead, give them an overview first about the ideas you are going to discuss or tell them a story.

Telling a story or discussing a real-life incident related to your topic will get the audience’s attention. However, if you start giving the presentation without providing an overview, it may make the audience confused.

A simple overview will help you to make them understand your target and what you want to achieve. Your audience will know what they can expect from it.

  1. Follow the 10-20-30 rule for PowerPoint Presentation– Try to keep your presentation as short as possible. Do not add up unnecessary slides to it. Remember, your presentation should not exceed ten slides, the duration must be 20 minutes, and the font size must not exceed 30.

It may be difficult to follow this rule because, in a few cases, you may need to add a few more slides just to explain your idea better. But, it is suggested to follow this rule to increase the effectiveness of your presentation.

  1. Tell a story– It is one of the best ways to arouse the interest and emotions of the audience. Through stories, they are able to understand better the target and goal.

The people will resonate better, and hence it will make the presentation impactful.

  1. Be consistent

    – Try to keep your presentation’s fonts, color and background design consistent. For example, using one color will make your presentation look more professional.

Keeping these things consistent will also make it look aesthetically pleasing and quickly hook your audience.

  1. Discuss one point in each PowerPoint Presentation slide

    – Limiting the information on a single slide will help the audience to understand your idea simply. You will also be able to explain your idea easily this way.

  2. Focus on the title slide

    – To get the people’s attention, you must focus on the first slide. Make it look attractive with GIFs and pictures, or just write a one-liner related to the topic.

If you fail to get their attention initially, they may not know your presentation.

  1. Use graphics

    – If you use text or images in each slide, your audience may find it very monotonous. Instead, try to use GIFs, pie charts, graphs, and more.

This will make your presentation look pleasing and easily attract the audience’s attention. Graphs and pie charts will also make them understand your goal and target easily.

  1. Use text sparingly

    – A presentation becomes more effective when your audience listens to you more. Use minimum texts.

Write in short bullet points. In this way, you will also be able to convey and explain your idea in a better way.

  1. Use a few animations

    – Do not think putting too many animations in your presentation will make it look attractive. Both you and the audience will get confused in that way.

Use less animation so that you will be able to deliver your message effectively. In this way, you will easily be able to captivate your audience.

In case you are confused, you can reach out to PowerPoint presentation design services and ask for assistance.

  1. Multimedia elements

    – It is better to incorporate videos and images in your presentation than just putting a link. However, simply explaining your idea may take more time.

But using a video will help the audience to understand easily. Incorporating videos and images in your presentation will make your work look more professional.

Experts associated with PowerPoint presentation creation services know the correct amount of multimedia elements needed to be included.

If you are writing a presentation for the first time, you should ask for help from experts in this matter.

  1. Information rich

    – Your presentation must be full of information. You must spend time researching and trying to collect as much data and facts as possible.

Information-rich files will help you to convey your ideas easily. However, to deliver a compelling presentation, you must follow this step.

  1. Content flow

    – To attract the attention of the audience, you will have to maintain a balanced flow of information through each slide. Avoid a disjointed flow of data and facts. In that case, your audience may get confused.

It will also harm your image as a presenter. If you maintain a disjointed flow of data, then your entire hard work will go down the drain.

  1. Ask questions

    – If you keep talking and explaining your idea throughout the session, your audience may find it boring.

As a presenter, you need to engage the stakeholders to make them understand your plan or idea in a better way. In between explaining ideas, try to ask a few questions to them.

Do not think that your audience only has the right to ask questions. This is one of the easiest ways to get and engage their attention.

  1. End with a call to action in powerpoint presentation

    – The goal of the presentation is to persuade the audience. The final slide of your presentation must cover all the topics and ideas you have discussed. In the last slide, you also need to explain how the company can follow and implement the idea.

  2. Take questions

    – It may happen, and the stakeholders may not be able to understand a single point or topic. It is your duty as a presenter to ask whether they have any doubts or not before the session ends.

Take one question at a time, answer it and then take the next one. Answering their questions and solving their doubts will help the company understand your plan or ideas in a better way.


These are the few steps you can follow to develop a high-quality presentation. It is suggested to always practise reading your presentation before the session. This will make you confident, and you will be able to present your idea without any issues.

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Emilia Jackson is a professional presentation writer. She is associated with Tophomeworkhelper.com and provides PowerPoint presentation services to students and professionals globally. She has an interest in films and sports.

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