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7 Ways to Style Custom Embroidered Jackets for Women

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We all know that many people prefer to dress up in casual clothes. A custom embroidered jacket is one ensemble you can wear casually or dress up with. It looks great on its own. However, there are numerous ways to style it and update your entire look. At first, styling a jacket or coat can be complicated and intimidating. We address your concerns about how to style a custom embroidered jacket. Let’s look at how to style your outerwear. Continue reading for some pointers on creating different looks with your customized outerwear pieces.

Styling Guide

Here are some simple ways to make your custom embroidered jacket look chic and elegant.

Combine It with Fitted Pieces

The idea is to contrast an oversized jacket with a fitted piece. Custom embroidered jackets are a fashion statement in and of themselves. You elevate your look even more, when you pair them with fitted pieces like skinny jeans or a fitted crop top. A pair of skinny jeans and fitted leggings will create an interesting silhouette and enhance your overall style. Moreover, you can even experiment with this style to achieve a business casual look.

For A Fun Look, Pair It with Oversized Bottoms

Here’s how you can use your custom embroidered jacket to create another statement streetwear look. You can wear them with oversized or wide-leg bottoms. This will appear ultracool and edgy. It will even look better with a jacket that is slightly fitted. Pair it with ankle boots or sneakers to complete the outfit.

Put A Feminine Spin On It

Wear your custom embroidered jacket with a feminine dress or skirt to create a contrast. Moreover, you can complete your look by wearing them with ankle boots or over-the-knee-healed booties. Consider wearing black tights to keep yourself warm. One of the best things about this look is that you can easily transition day to night. Pair a floral dress with a jacket for a casual and fun look. Alternatively, pair your pencil skirt with your jacket for a business casual look. Additionally, you can mix and match various prints and skirts to create looks for various occasions.

Add A Splash of Color

While neutrals are a good investment, bright colors can be fun to style and create different looks. Wear a brightly colored jacket to add a fun element to your overall style. A splash of color will complement your whole look and help you make a statement. You can also add a splash of color with bright-colored heels or boots.

Sporty and Fashionable

Consider this if you want something sporty and stylish at the same time. You can wear your custom embroidered jackets with leggings or sweatpants. Wear printed sneakers for a sporty and fashionable appearance. Alternatively, you can go for a monochrome look and contrast it with colorful footwear.

Prints to The Rescue!

Here’s another great look you can pull off with custom embroidered jackets. To achieve a vintage look, choose a printed bottom. You can wear printed footwear or carry a printed bag. Moreover, there are endless possibilities. You can experiment with various types of prints to create your outfit. Keep the occasion in mind when choosing a floral, striped, leopard, or other statement print. Wear appropriate clothing and accessories for the occasion and purpose.

Look Appropriate for The Workplace

Do you want to know how to wear your jacket to work? Not to worry, we’re here to assist you. Pair them with trousers or wear them over a business casual dress. Don’t go overboard, and try to stick to more neutral colors. Combine with the appropriate accessories and bag to complement and suit the office environment.

Last Thoughts

These are some cool and trendy ways to wear your custom embroidered jackets to make a statement. We are confident that you will enjoy these looks.

If you are still unsure how to style your custom embroidered fit, you can seek advice from any styling professional. They will advise you on how to balance out your look and what staple pieces to invest in. Communicate with them and allow the professionals to curate your dream closet for you.

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