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Advantages of a pedestal sink

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The benefits of a Ceramic Pedestal Sink may be advantageous for homeowners embarking on a significant bathroom renovation or those who merely want to update the space. Although the sophistication and elegance that these lovely fixtures can give to your bathroom are evident, there are other benefits and a few drawbacks you should consider before choosing a pedestal sink. To help you create an informed choice that best suits your needs, the following post will touch on some of the most prevalent characteristics of these fixtures.

What is a ceramic pedestal sink?

A ceramic pedestal sink conceals the plumbing that runs from your sink to your taps. Since these complete pedestal sinks are floor mounted, the transition from the floor to the wash basin will be clean and orderly. If you’re looking for a solution for a smaller space, use a small pedestal sink.

A Touch of Elegance

Pedestal fixtures can give your bathroom’s design a lovely, refined touch. Their glazed, porcelain surface is offered in various designs, styles, and colors to complement almost any bathroom theme. You have even more design flexibility and elegance with models that support a standard and widespread faucet. Its glazed finish’s smooth surface makes cleaning with various non-abrasive bathroom cleansers simple.

Installation Considerations

Before investing in a ceramic pedestal sink, it would be good to talk with your plumber about the plumbing adjustments required for installation. The plumbing connections must be spot-on and in the right places to remain hidden because the narrow pedestal holding the sink does not provide many areas for cover. When complete concealment is impractical or impracticable, some homeowners decide to use decorative supply lines, drain assemblies, and shut-off valves. In this situation, many homeowners select a finish that matches the faucet finish, such as brass, chrome, oiled bronze, etc.

Space Saving

Making your bathroom appear larger is one of the most well-known advantages of installing a pedestal sink. This is because it has a smaller footprint than conventional bathroom vanity cabinets. You will get additional bathroom floor space that will visually enlarge it because the pedestal’s footprint is typically only six to eight inches in diameter. This offers a desirable choice in homes with smaller bathrooms or half baths when space is an issue.

The lack of storage space behind a pedestal is one disadvantage, though. Installing a cupboard above the toilet or behind the bathroom door can help you get around this problem. The lack of counter space is another drawback. Simply put, a  ceramic pedestal sink offers little space for bathroom accessories like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, etc. To give a place for these products, you might be able to use a small shelf in a helpful spot next to the sink.

Classic and timeless design

A pedestal sink without any ornate trimming or accents can be a timeless and classic addition to any bathroom. While these are sometimes associated with classic bathrooms, they may also be very effective in modern settings if you choose the proper taps and remove any decorative elements.


A ceramic pedestal sink is one of the most elegant pieces of furniture you can use in your bathroom decor. They have so many amazing advantages that can raise the standard and comfort of your bathroom. When making a purchase, a lot of factors need to be taken into account. It can occasionally become a little overpowering. This is a crucial choice, just like any other fixture. Try to keep it as straightforward as you can. After everything is said and done, you ought to have a lovely bathroom sink that unifies the design of your bathroom and adds a feeling of comfort and beauty to your house.

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