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Best Android Browsers in 2022

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As technology advances, we are all trying to keep up with it. The struggle is real, but the results are promising, just like these android browsers that offer innovative ways to explore the internet. So keep reading to find out.

It’s Time for an Upgrade

The latest Android 12 is now available and makes for a fantastic time to upgrade your phone’s default browser to one that is more private and faster. As a result, you can customize the look and feel of your mobile web browsing experience by using these browsers.

Windstream Kinetic is committed to innovating new solutions for your internet needs. Check out its plans and packages for more details, so you can enjoy the newest Android to the fullest.

Several browsers emphasize speed, readability, or privacy, and some even support proxies similar to VPNs. Your needs and preferences may be best suited to an android browser.

Chrome, for example, syncs open tabs with its desktop version so that tabs appear on mobile as well. Other Android browsers offer password managers, and dark/night modes for low-light situations.

With faster speeds, more features, and greater security, these browsers make browsing the web on your phone more fun. So let’s dive right into our topic.

The Best Android Browsers

After testing nearly a dozen different android browsers, Google Chrome still came out on top as the best all-around choice. Most Android devices come with it as the default browser.

The same applies to Firefox, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and Microsoft Edge, which synchronize across platforms and deliver valuable features. The list of best android browsers is as follows:


Since most Android devices come with the default browser from Google, it can be hard to resist using it when you are happy living in this ecosystem and feel the company has helped you.

Chrome syncs seamlessly between the various device that you may use or own, such as mobile phones and computers. This lets you access passwords you have stored there, and also share the open tabs. Every web developer considers Google’s Chrome browser the most reliable option when building a website.

Other Chrome features include secure storage of payment methods, a “Lite” data-saving mode, automatic translation in dozens of languages, a pop-up blocker, and a malicious-ad blocker.

Google Chrome has been updated to detect if a compromised password is being used and enhance safe browsing.

Chrome Beta, Chrome Canary, and Chrome Dev offer a sneak peek at what is to come for Chrome and the chance to try out features that may never see the light of day.


  • Desktop Syncing: Yes
  • Adblocking: Yes
  • Privacy features: Incognito browsing


  • Syncs with Chrome desktop
  • Built-in password manager
  • Data saver functionality


  • Gives Google more ways to track your activity
  • Lacks extensions


Opera is also a mobile browser that has a desktop counterpart. It offers all the same features for both versions.

Its data-saving mode compresses the videos and standard web pages, allowing it to stand out among other Android browsers. Due to the reduced data use, pages load faster, and if your data plan does not include unlimited data, you can check out these TV and internet bundles.

The Opera browser includes a built-in free VPN-like feature that gives you a virtual IP address. However, you must simultaneously use the VPN feature and the data-saving mode. Web trackers are also blocked now.

The only browser that consistently outperformed it was Chrome, despite Opera’s feature richness.

There are also a few variations of Opera’s browser. As for Opera Mini and Opera Touch, the former is focused on data-saving, while the latter is designed to deliver a one-handed browsing experience.


  • Desktop Syncing: Yes
  • Adblocking: Yes
  • Privacy features: Built-in browser VPN and incognito mode


  • Data-saver mode
  • Ad-blocking
  • Built-in-browser VPN


  • Confusing interface


Brave offers a built-in mobile ad blocker, which is left on by default. In addition, Brave’s Chromium-based browser users can now pay for the website’s content with the Basic Attention Token system (BAT), and the browser now uses Brave’s privacy-conscious search engine as a default.

We found that only a few sites were registered with Brave’s BAT tokens, but this may vary significantly from user to user.

All of the basics are covered by the browser. In addition, it contains fun touches like setting preferred search engines for private versus public tabs and detail-oriented privacy options.

Other features cater to privacy, including secure HTTPS connections, browser fingerprinting and blocking cookies, and even blocking JavaScript, which cripples many websites.

The initial loading times of Brave are comparable to our other top-rated options, which is unusual given the fact that Brave removes ads and trackers, that are, in theory, heavy programs to load.


  • Desktop syncing: Yes
  • Adblocking: Yes
  • Privacy features: Private browsing and encrypted connections


  • Unique Brave Rewards system
  • Powerful ad blocking
  • Brave search engine


  • Slow initial page load
  • Limited support for Brave contributions


Like the desktop version of the original Opera browser, Vivaldi offers extensive customization options, but its Android counterpart is more concerned with delivering its unique features.

Speed Dial is your main view, a visually pleasing and straightforward bookmark launcher.

A QR code reader lets you visit websites without opening up a dedicated app, a fun built-in 2D shooting game, and a way to adjust the width of your tabs.

Vivaldi’s overall performance is quick. We often see the placeholder for an image or whitespace for a video or ad as we scrolled, even a minute or more after loading a longer article.


  • Desktop syncing: Yes
  • Ad-blocking: Yes
  • Privacy features: Private browsing and encrypted syncing


  • Handy Notes and screen capture
  • Quick switching of search engines
  • Translates web pages


  • Minimal ad-blocking functionality
  • Images slow to load


If Firefox is your primary browser for desktop browsing, there are strong reasons to carry it over to your Android phone.

Firefox on Android highlights any tabs you spend lots of time on your desktop. This is if you create an account and sign in on all your devices with that account. In addition, you can access your history, passwords, and bookmarks from any device if you create a Firefox account and sign in on all your devices.

There are a variety of extensions and themes that can be used to customize Firefox to an astonishing degree. For a seamless experience, check out these TV and internet bundles.

If you want to display tabs in your browser, which features should be accessible, and what color you like for everything, Firefox is for you. Nevertheless, if that sounds too complex, you should begin your search elsewhere, as even a basic configuration of Firefox requires some tweaking.

If someone is particularly concerned about security, they may check out Firefox Focus.

Recently, Firefox updated to always open links in private tabs with its Focus feature. Alternatively, you could try Firefox Nightly for Developers or Android Beta.

Aside from that update, the browser now offers dark mode and a tab grid view. Firefox moved the URL bar to the bottom screen to accommodate larger phones. You can now organize and save tabs in Collections, which would be helpful for research projects.


  • Desktop Syncing: Yes
  • Adblocking: Yes, with extensions
  • Privacy features: Private browsing and tracking protection


  • Syncs with Firefox desktop
  • Robust extension support
  • Article recommendation tool


  • Extensions are needed for functions found natively in other browsers


DuckDuckGo is a search engine powered by DuckDuckGo and built using Chrome (like Chrome and Brave).

Its primary focus is on keeping your activities private, which balances out its features. For example, you can wipe all your tabs and history by tapping the button on the right of the address/search bar.

As an added security feature, DuckDuckGo can block any ad trackers that try to track you across the web and automatically uses the highest encryption available on the website you are visiting. It even grades each website you visit on its privacy practices, on a scale of A to F.


  • Desktop Syncing: No
  • Adblocking: Blocks ad tracking
  • Privacy features: Private searching with encrypted connections


  • Minimal interface
  • Easily wipe data at any time
  • Freedom from Google


  • Lacks advanced features
  • No substitute for a dedicated VPN app

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has delivered a handsome Chromium-based browser in Edge 2.0. Its Android version has received a striking redesign to match the desktop version (although you can customize its appearance), and it’s a decent option for you if you’re a Microsoft user.

Extension support has finally been added to Microsoft Edge. It also provides several other features offered by extensions such as ad-blocking, translation services, a password manager, tracking blockers, price checkers, voice search. An extension called NewsGuard measures news websites’ credibility and transparency based on various journalistic standards.

Microsoft Edge lets you swap out the default search engine easily in its mobile browser, using Bing instead of Google if you prefer, but we have also found that Bing works quite well. We also recommend using a high-quality internet connection to enhance the browsing experience. Windstream Kinetic has incredible packages for your consumption needs.


  • Desktop Syncing: Yes
  • Adblocking: Yes
  • Privacy features: Private browsing, tracking prevention


  • Solid feature set
  • Syncs with Microsoft account
  • Customizable interface


  • Slightly slower than alternatives

Samsung Internet

The Samsung Internet browser may come pre-installed on Samsung phones, but chances are you are already questioning whether the app is worth it over a more reputable name like Chrome. Of course, this is valid when you are using a Gear VR headset.

View a web page in somewhat immersive virtual reality when you put a Samsung Gear VR headset on your phone. Having Samsung Internet Browser installed is worth it for this cool feature.

There are anti-tracking capabilities, secure browsing capabilities so you know when you are visiting nefarious websites, and a content blocker. In addition, those who use the download manager regularly find that it offers advantages such as simultaneous saving of all images on a site.


  • Desktop Syncing: Yes
  • Adblocking: Yes, with extension
  • Privacy features: Private browsing for users


  • You can browse the internet in VR
  • Optimized for Samsung phones


  • Can’t sync with other browsers

The Choice is Yours

Finding the perfect browser that best suits all your needs can be challenging. The good thing for most people is that some browsers come preinstalled on their smartphones. And for the rest, we hope our list narrows down your search for the ideal browser.

For the best browsing experience, use Windstream Kinetic for uninterrupted connectivity. As for options, nearly all mainstream web browsers offer exciting features. Still, you may want to turn to a browser that aligns with your browsing needs.

Final Notes

The best android browsers in 2022 provide a smooth and fast browsing experience while also incorporating new features and technologies. In addition, expect these browsers to offer better security features and increased privacy protection.

Moreover, they include more options for customization, making it possible for users to have greater control over their browsing experiences.

Finally, we chose the options that were best designed for android devices, considering the length of the screens and other unique features of smartphones and tablets. Happy browsing!

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