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How Do I Book a COVID RT-PCR Test at Home In Dubai?

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The covid-19 cases are still getting higher daily in Dubai UAE (United Arab Emirates) because many people come from different countries to spend time for business meetings or travel. RT PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test in Dubai is an essential step to enjoy freely. Many people want to book an appointment for an RT PCR test at home in Dubai because going outside can be exhausting during this hot weather. Moreover, interacting with many people means many chances of getting the virus.  

Covid PCR test

Molecular coronavirus tests, particularly an RT-PCR test, remain the reference for identifying active infections. The covid PCR Test is very reliable and achieves high sensitivity and specificity. Suppose you are considering getting a cost-effective, reliable RT-PCR test that is also used on a massive scale. The test results will be out within a few hours.

Gold standard test 

The (RT-PCR) test reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for Covid-19 is a gold-standard test for diagnosing and learning about viral diseases like Ebola and SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. An RT-PCR is a sensitive but highly recommended test. It means that if someone has a coronavirus infection, the chances of this test giving a positive result are higher. It can also detect residual viruses even after the person has recovered fully. 

RT PCR test at home

Whether you are planning to book an appointment for a safe get-together and want to work in a covid-free workplace, or you are going to keep yourself safe at a crowded indoor event. It would be best to get the PCR Test home in Dubai. However, COVID testing does not replace the preventive measures that keep us safe during this pandemic. 

The most accurate and authentic for determining COVID-19 is the RT PCR test. Many laboratories have accreditation from reputable organizations; their test results are approved, verified, and reliable. To get the DHA-approved RT-PCR test in Dubai, contact Call Doctor by calling on 800 200 400 or send a text on WhatsApp at +971585200401. 

After collecting a sample from the Call Doctor’s team member, done through a nasal swab, their pathologist extracts the RNAs from the sample secretion. The virus’s genetic material (RNAs) is created with the help of a reverse transcriptase enzyme and amplification in the laboratory.

Why PCR test?

PCR tests are designed to know about COVID-19 genetic material to identify tiny amounts of the virus in your body. Health professionals administer PCR tests at hospitals, health clinics, and medical stores. After getting the sample, it goes to the labs, and it can take some time to process the results. If you have symptoms, it is better to get the RT PCR Test in the comfort of your home and get same-day results.

Accuracy of PCR test

If you do not have symptoms, the covid tests lose a bit of accuracy. Have had coronavirus exposure but do not have symptoms, quarantine, and test yourself within three to five days of exposure. If you are symptom-free, they may be around 88% accurate instead of 98% accurate. But an RT PCR test can detect minimal amounts of the virus; you even can get the test after recovering from COVID-19. If it has been ten days, you have fully healed, and you are symptom-free, this does not mean you are free; you may have coronavirus without knowing. But if you still have symptoms, you could still be contagious. Surprisingly, it could still give you a positive result. 

When and how to book an appointment for an RT PCR test at home in Dubai

The home PCR test Dubai is a safe and reliable service. Call Doctor’s expert physician, nurse, or lab technician uses a tiny elastic stick with cotton at the top and inserts it into the nostrils. Your throat or nose obtains an appropriate amount of mucus for an RT-PCR. Sometimes swabs from both nostrils may be necessary to gather enough mucus for the covid testing. If you live in Dubai, UAE, plan to travel to another country, or have a business trip, you should have a negative RT PCR test result. You can contact the Call Doctor team at 800 200 400 for reliable testing in your comfort zone by making a call and arranging an appointment.

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