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how to hack wifi password step by step by using Android?

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This article will teach you how to hack Wi-Fi passwords using Android devices. Many people want to know how to hack wifi password step by step with Android. It is simple: yes. You can hack Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices with some tricks and apps.


Before we get into the main topic of hacking Wi-Fi passwords on Android phones, let’s first go over some basic information about Wi-Fi password security.


Types of Wi Fi Password Security


There are three main types of WiFi password security. These Wi-Fi securities can be categorized as follows:


Wired Equivalent Privacy

Wi-Fi Protected Access

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Wired Equivalent Privacy

Wired Equivalent Privacy, (WEP), Wi Fi security is one the most widely used Wi Fi securities worldwide. This security is also very insecure. This Wi-Fi security can be easily cracked and hacked using Airmon tools from Kali Linux or Aircrack.


Wi-Fi Protected Access


The Wi Fi Protected Access (WPA Wi Fi security) is an improved and more recent version of WEP Wi Fi security system. The Wi-Fi security system was first introduced in 2003. An American hacker discovered a major flaw in WPA security keys. This made it possible to hack Wi-Fi security as well as . 


Wi-Fi Protected Setup


The Wi-Fi Protected Setup is the Wi-Fi security system that is difficult to hack or crack. In some cases, however, Wi-Fi security can be hacked, but this requires advanced hacking skills. It might be difficult for someone to hack WPS security if they use it.


Method 1: Learn how to hack wifi password step by step on Android using WIFI WPS WPASTER (without rooting)


WiFi WPA TESTER, a popular Android application that is used to hack Wi-Fi passwords, is very popular. Wi-Fi WPSTESTER app only hacks routers that are connected to WPS routers with limited features. This app makes hacking Wi-Fi easy. It only takes a few steps. This app is great because you don’t need to root your Android phone. This app can be used on a rooted Android smartphone with additional features.


This Android app allows you to check the strength and security of your router’s wireless connection. The WIFI WPS WPASTER app can bypass your Android phone’s Wi-Fi password if the router isn’t secure. It connects your Android phone to the router by skipping the password.


Both rooted and unrooted Android phones can use the Wi-Fi WPS WPASTER hacking app. Here are the steps for hacking Wi-Fi passwords on Android without rooting.


Install the WIFI WPS WPA TEST app from Play Store.

Allow Wi Fi Settings to be enabled on your Android smartphone

Start the app and start searching for Wi-Fi networks near you.

Click on one of the results to hack by tapping.

It is possible to input the key manually.


The app tests Wi-Fi security and attempts different combinations of numbers and words to crack the password. The app quickly finds the network code and connects to your phone automatically.


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