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Know The Procedure Of How To Get Mississippi Medical Marijuana

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Voters did approve initiative 65 in November 2020, but the state overruled it on a technicality. But in February 2022, the Mississippi medical marijuana act was signed by Reeves. Patients with medical marijuana qualifying ailments are now permitted to use medical marijuana in the state. Mississippi State is now the 37th state to enact legalizing medical cannabis for medical use in the United States. Based on the medical cannabis act, you can use medical marijuana in the state and get a registry identification card if you suffer from a debilitating ailment. A government-authorized caregiver can as well acquire this card on behalf of minors. Keep reading to learn more on how to get medical marijuana in Mississippi.

How to Get Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card?

1. Schedule an Appointment with a Cannabis Licensed

You will need to apply for the program through a caregiver. Each applicant needs to be a resident of Mississippi state. Suppose you meet these requirements; you can then schedule a consultation session with a cannabis doctor. Other than physicians, certified nurse practitioners and optometrists can as well permit the use of medical marijuana. These professionals must finish eight hours of continued medical education and five additional hours each year. Typically, they also need to follow up with the patients in six months to check the effectiveness of medical marijuana. During the appointment, the health practitioner will ask you a few questions regarding your ailment. They will try to understand why you need medical cannabis.

2. Send the Application to the Mississippi Department

Mississippi residents can now apply online through the Mississippi Department of health portal. You can as well mail your application to the postal address. Based on the Mississippi department of health, the application will take 30 days to be approved.

3. Wait for Your Medical Cannabis Card

The last step will be getting a physical medical cannabis ID card. Once you have it, you can visit a licensed dispensary. The Mississippi department of health will regulate and license dispensaries and be called treatment centers. But the state has yet to outline the number of dispensaries that will operate in Mississippi state. It has yet to introduce the number of dispensaries that can work in the state. But the state says no center could be sited within 1000 feet of a licensed child care center, school, or church unless they get a waiver. Each dispensary staff needs to complete a minimum of eight hours of continuous education regarding marijuana. The team must pay $25 for the work permit and be 21 years without felony convictions. Finally, you can enter the dispensary without a parent or guardian if they are under 20.

Where to Use Cannabis?

The cardholders can only use their cannabis in private. It is forbidden to smoke or vape cannabis in private.

Does Mississippi State Have Reciprocity?

Mississippi non-residents who lack a valid medical cannabis card can register with the Mississippi department of health. They will be required to obtain a card from the doctor that says they are eligible for medical marijuana in Mississippi and give any additional details asked by the health department.


By the end of 2022, the sales will begin in the state. You can now apply for a Mississippi medical marijuana card. You can apply for the card if you have any medical cannabis qualifying ailment. The process involves a few simple steps. Businesses can also apply for medical cannabis licenses through the state revenue department. Note that you must carry your medical cannabis card during your dispensary visits.


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