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Pick the Right Blackout Curtains for Your Bedroom

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Blackout curtains for bedrooms are just one of the many fantastic ideas people utilise to enhance the beauty and appeal of their spaces. These blackout curtains might be really beneficial when it’s hot outside, and you want your room to keep calm and dark. Thanks to these drapes, your area will have a distinctive and tranquil ambience. You can choose the blackout curtains that are perfect for you from a wide variety offered.

Investing in the best blackout curtains for bedroom is one of the best things you can do at home to improve the appearance and beauty of your bedroom while also increasing the energy efficiency of your home construction project.

In UK, these black blackout curtains are now a common sight in most contemporary homes. Just as fashion designers, interior designers, and business owners these days emphasise making everything appear beautiful, people have come to care a lot about what they will wear inside their homes.

Are Blackout Curtains Good For the Bedroom?

Blackout curtains will block light better than any other type of curtain, which is its primary advantage. Blackout curtains include an additional liner or backing layer but otherwise, look like regular curtains. While blocking sunlight from entering your windows, this layer will keep your room dark and help you sleep well. Beyond just obstructing light, blackout curtains can also keep your home at a comfortable temperature and reduce noise from outside, making for even better sleep. Apart from all these, do blackout curtains provide privacy at night? Yes! Blackout curtains offer privacy more effectively than other curtain types since you cannot see through them at all.

Additionally, the blackout curtains range enables you to:

  • Contribute to the insulation of space to increase energy efficiency.
  • Because blackout curtains are heavy, they also reduce outside noise.
  • They come in various colours and sizes; blackout curtains for bedroom grey are a popular choice.
  • You can get the ideal set of velvet blackout curtains that match every room in your house in colours, including beige, grey, and classic green.
  • Blackout curtains block the sunlight, preventing surfaces from fading.
  • By using blackout curtains range in the room, you can improve your viewing experience by removing glare from computer and TV monitors.

How to Find the Best Blackout Curtains for Your Bedroom?

Your room’s best blackout curtains depend on several factors, including the kind, drapery style, size, colour scheme, and fabric.

Drapery Design

  • Grommet fabric rings or holes through which the curtain rod passes.
  • The panel’s top has little loops of fabric sewed for the curtain rod.
  • Fabric panels with tiny grommets or clips attached to rings at the top.
  • The fabric has a groove sewed into it that the single-rod pocket curtain rod can pass through.

Different Blackout Curtain Types

  • Blackout-lined curtains use thicker polyester to create a total blackout while stiffening the fabric.
  • To keep the curtains comfortable and block out light, privacy-lined blackout curtains have a polyester and cotton weave.
  • Foam-backed blackout curtains preserve the drapes’ gentle folds but cannot promise perfect darkness.
  • Thermal-lined blackout curtains use heat-retentive materials like flannel but cannot ensure total darkness.

Blackout Curtain Fabric and Colours

Blackout curtains don’t necessarily have to be that colour or even that dark. Blackout curtains’ “black” refers to the room-darkening result they provide, not the colour itself. 

Contrary to its name, blackout curtains are available in many colours and fabrics, including white blackout curtains. The choices for fabrics are also endless. In general, polyester and other synthetic materials are less expensive than linen or cotton while still providing elegant cheap blackout curtains for your room.

If you choose high-quality blackout curtains, the colour shouldn’t affect how well they work because the blackout lining or backing, not the colourful panel facing outward, is what darkens the room.

Blackout Curtain Size

You need wide drapes to span from one side of the window frame to the other to provide the best level of darkness. Additionally, the length of the curtains should reach both above and below the window. Use a wraparound rod and measure a few inches beyond the window frame to ensure that blackout curtains work as intended. 

Ensure that your curtains are wider than your windows; measure at least 8 to 10 inches from the edge of the window, depending on the height of your ceiling.

Which Type Of Curtain Is Ideal For Bedrooms?

It’s crucial to keep the colour scheme and décor of the rest of the room in mind when choosing the colour and tint of your bedroom curtains. The most appropriate choice for curtains in a bedroom will be heavier, lined drapes to minimise any light leakage. 

However, remember that if you choose a light linen curtain, you will likely need to consider purchasing a blind, such as ultra-blackout curtains, to place underneath. Similar rules apply to fragile voile drapes, which look best when coupled with heavy velvet drapes.

Generally speaking, a bedroom should only have one prominent figure. Keep your curtains in a soft neutral tone if the rest of your bedroom is bright and colourful. 

If your space is already bland, you can add some colour with vibrantly coloured curtains.

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