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Significance Of Having A Pap Smear Test

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Cancer is a deadly disease which has taken millions of lives already. It has different types and stages. All of its types can make a person miserable. There are many cancer screening tests. The one we will discuss is the Pap smear test. The question that arises is, where can you get this test done? Can urgent care do pap smears? What does it mean?

What is a Pap smear test?

A pap smear is a diagnostic examination for cervical cancer. The test can detect precancerous and cancerous cells. It detects the presence of any irregular cells in the cervix area. The test can save your lives by detecting any risk of developing cervical cancer before time. Even if you already get prone to it, the test will help you catch it on time, and with the proper medical procedure, you can get rid of it.

Can urgent care do pap smears?

Of course, by the name cervical cancer, it is obvious that the test is done for women, and it is done by a gynaecologist. You can get your test done by an urgent care clinic, which provides the facility of an OB/GYN or gynaecologist. Urgent care clinic believe in a quality health care system that is also less time taking and affordable. Urgent care clinic don’t take as long as an ER (emergency room) does.

At which age should you start getting it?

Age 21

After you turn 21, you should start getting your Pap smear test done as suggested by your doctor. If you feel something wrong in between, you can arrange an appointment. The reason why the age of 21 is recommended by a doctor is that, at this time, a woman’s cervical area is fully developed, which is an important factor for the detailed analysis of the taken sample.

Before 21

You can get your test done even before the age of 21. Virgin girls can also get this test as it won’t harm them in any way. If you are encountering symptoms of cervical cancer, it is good for you to get your test done.

Age 30

You can get more prone to developing cervical cancer after your 30 more than ever. It is because a woman after 30 can easily get a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Which, if left untreated, can generate cervical cancer. That is why an HPV test is also taken for women to identify such diseases.

When can you discontinue?

You can discontinue taking a Pap smear test after the age of 65. After this, it is considered that you have never developed or shown signs of any irregular cells in your cervical, which is why you won’t develop them now. This age is considered safe for developing diseases like cervical cancer.

How to take the test?

Your OB/GYN will take the test in a private space to ensure and protect your privacy. For the test, you need to wear a hospital gown and remove your bottoms. Then, you have to lay on the examination table. The doctor will take a tool called a speculum. It is to separate the walls of your vagina. The doctor will then utilize a soft brush to collect the sample from your cervical wall. The collected sample will then be put in a box and sent for testing. You will get your test results within a week. Your physician will let you know the exact time limit.


Can urgent care do pap smears? Yes, they do. Urgent care clinic is becoming popular for their services and cost. A Pap smear test is a cancer screening tool used to diagnose cervical cancer. It helps detect precancerous and cancerous cells. Also, it helps identify other vaginal infections and diseases like sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is recommended to start taking this test after the age of 21 and stop taking it at the age of 65. 


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