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5 Tips on How to Buy a Unique White Platinum Ring

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A wedding is a propitious event for both the bride and groom and, of course, for their families. Several things can make this occasion memorable, and a wedding ring is one of them. Therefore, you must go with the best when shopping for an engagement ring. It is needless to say that platinum is the king of metals. Due to its endurance, rarity, and sturdiness properties, it is admired worldwide. However, it is an expensive metal, so you should choose a platinum ring wisely. Know the tips to follow when purchasing your wedding ring made of platinum.

Quality Matters

There is no doubt that all platinum craftsmanship is not the same. It is usually required to be alloyed with other metals to achieve hardness for jewelry making. Normally, it is combined with cobalt or copper to form the rings. Consequently, it cannot be 100% platinum but must be purest from gold and silver. So, you first need to consider the quality of the white platinum ring. A ring with 95% of purity would be worth the choice. However, it might be expensive but would prove a valuable choice in terms of shine, sturdiness, and purity. You must ask the jeweler for a 950 PT ring for your grand event.

Consider your design

Try to look at various designs for platinum rings to choose the best. Unless your heart falls in love with a unique design, you should keep your search going on. It is wise to check various designs of these rings online. It will help to set an idea of what you prefer the most. But always get the platinum ring by visiting a good store physically. You can find an extensive selection of designs with a couple of bands and diamond rings of various shapes.

Check diamond quality

If you are looking for a beautiful engagement ring, you must want a ring with a diamond setting, right? So, it is extremely important to check the diamond quality. You must remember the 4Cs before making the final decision. There are many diamond designs that you can see beautifully engraved with platinum bands and rings. But all diamonds would look the same unless you know about cut, clarity, color, and carat. As they are popular, you must look for round, emerald, princess, and oval-shaped diamonds. Also, focus on other 3Cs to pick the finest jewelry for your big day.

Measure exact size

If you are running short on time for shopping for a white platinum ring, you must act faster. For this, you must consider measuring the size of your finger before going to shop. Size measurement must be accurate to fit the ring easily into your finger. If you prefer a ring that is not equal to your size, it can create a dilemma for you. However, the size of platinum can be improved but would add to the cost. Moreover, you must stick to bolder designs if you have heavier hands.

Prepare budget

Platinum metal is known for its sheer shine, toughness, and enduring life. Thus, it is a costlier metal than gold and silver. So, budget preparation is necessary when it comes to buying the ring for the wedding. If your budget is high, you can seek rings with high-quality diamonds and thick and larger frames. But if the budget is low, low-profile rings are also available for the shop. However, you must ask the price of the jeweler other than making charges before purchasing. This would enable you to prepare a budget to grab the unique platinum jewelry for your event.

To Sum up

These are 5 superb tips that can help you to settle for your favorite white platinum ring. By investing in this metal, you will gain 100 percent satisfaction. It has greater shine than rival metals and has enduring characteristics. Platinum could become a perfect wedding gift for you and your bride for years to come. However, you must not forget to get it from a reputed jeweler. You must get certification for platinum jewelry to consider it as an investment.

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