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Turning on Freaky things to say to your boyfriend

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We are not being judgemental here but making just a wild guess, is your relationship going through a rough patch? Or is it missing that very important ingredient of sexual satisfaction? Well, if we caught you right there is nothing for you to feel ashamed of. This is just a phase and the happy phase of it is just waiting there for you on the other side of the door.

Here we might not be able to help you with your personal issues and differences as we are only connected with you through this virtual space. But, yes there is one thing in which this guide here can be of help to you. As per the demand of the topic here we will discuss with you some freaky things to say to your boyfriend.

How freaky things to say to your boyfriend can be of help?

Saying freaky things to your boyfriend can be helpful for you in enhancing the physical aspect of your relationship. Many readers here reading this article may not agree with this but the truth is physical chemistry and comfort or we can say the satisfaction of certain physical needs is just as important as the satisfaction of emotional needs.

If you will know the right freaky things to say to your boyfriend, then you are already halfway to the happy and joyful phase of your relationship. Physical interaction will keep both of you sexually satisfied. Sexual satisfaction is very much connected with the mental aspect of our health. Physical interaction with the partner plays a very important role in the establishment of a great mental connection and chemistry.

A list of freaky things to say to your boyfriend for instant turn-on- 

  • I know your tongue is craving that lipstick on my lips
  • All I want right now is you all over me
  • Fill me up with all the love you have
  • Let me be at your service for the night
  • I am all yours do as it pleases you
  • My whole body is craving nothing else but you
  • Let me surprise you tonight
  • Let me show you what I have in store for you tonight
  • My eyes locking with yours is all I need to be turned on
  • It feels as if your mouth owns a magic wand instead of a tongue
  • In my bed all I think of is you
  • The woman in me is desperately waiting for the man in you
  • Your touch on my body is the best thing I have ever felt
  • I would love to see what is the best that you can do to me
  • I am craving for you baby
  • I am hungry for you baby
  • I want to sleep with you
  • I know how badly your manhood craves for a lick of my tongue
  • My tongue is craving for your dick
  • All I want is you inside me
  • I feel so hot around you
  • Will you be my dessert after dinner tonight
  • The sweetest dessert in the world will be right there waiting for you on the bed after dinner.

Unable to turn him on?

Do not worry all you need to do is pick some phrases and words from the list provided above and he will be all about you or it would be more accurate to say he will be all over you. One sure thing is he will just be craving for more and more and more. There will be no end to it.

Your eyes would play another important role-

Just saying all the freaky things to say to your boyfriend will not be enough, you need to make him believe in those words coming out of your mouth. There are times when our tongue fails to convey the real feelings but our eyes know the job well. Therefore, it would be best for you if you will be saying all these things to him when you are in his close physical proximity your eyes should be in direct contact with him as you blurt out all these magical words.

Body language is also very significant- 

There are chances that your man is tough, in such a case it will not be easy for you to make him weak in his knees. In order to get what you desire you will have to put your whole body to work. Try to touch him in sensitive areas of his body. Tickling him can be your trick while you say any freaky thing to him.

Confidence and a little bit of dominance –

Yes, these two are the very important keys to his heart, soul, body and everything else that you wish to own. Your voice should be soft husky yet it should be confident and a bit dominating. He is your man, after all, you know him all inside out if not this way then maybe that way but for you, he will definitely come around.

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All of these things as they have been discussed here will help you enhance your physical chemistry and understanding. But as far as your other personal issues are concerned, communication is the only key to that locked door. Physical attraction and interaction alone would not be of any help. So, in order to make your relationship work well both of you will have to work on both physical as well as the communicational aspect of it.

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